At Webbox, like you, we truly love our pets. And it’s only natural that we all want to give them the best we can give. Webbox Naturals is a specially designed natural pet food that is ethically produced and packed with quality ingredients – promoting your pet’s health from head to paw. The range is gentle on tummies; perfect for those pets with a more delicate disposition.

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Webbox is a pet-loving company that makes pawsome pet food for all our furry friends in the UK. From pups to pooches, and kittens to cats, Webbox helps build bonds between pet and pet owner that will last a lifetime. Their range of wet and dry food offers healthy and nutritious choices for pets. We can’t forget the selection of tasty treats that come in mouth-watering flavours; they have something  your four-legged friends will love.

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Vets Kitchen have been creating naturally nutritious range of food since 2005 and we are proud that so many dogs and cats across the UK thrive on a Vet’s Kitchen diet. Our recipes are developed using the latest clinical and nutritional research rather than following fashions or fads. Our expert pet nutritionists have developed great tasting meals, treats and supplements that deliver real health benefits. From puppy to senior, for the over-indulgent to those with sensitive digestion, we aim to create food to help your pets live long and happy lives.

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TastyBone is made in the UK and provides durable, nylon dog chews suitable for all dog breeds as soon as they have their adult teeth. No matter the shape or size, every bone is made from the highest quality materials, so they stay tough, durable, and long-lasting for your furry friend. TastyBones are designed to help build strong and healthy gums through chewing.

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Spikes provides a range of tailored nutritious hedgehog food that is guaranteed to have the little hogs coming back for more! Spikes develop all their products to the unique needs of hedgehogs, jam-packing them with the nutrients and fibre our wild hogs need to stay happy and healthy. That’s not all, you also have the option of flavourful tasty treats, as well as a perfectly sized feeding/hydrating bowl to spoil your wild friends. 

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B-Calm is a pet bedding spray which can be used around the home to help calm behaviour and relieve pet stress or anxiety symptoms. Infused with lavender and the highest grade pharmaceutical grade CBD oil, these natural ingredients can help calm neurological pathways and its THC free, which means it doesn’t have the chemical which causes the “high” effect so its safe to be around.

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aniMate supplies high quality dog accessories and toys to the nation’s pet owners. Are you on the lookout for comfortable collars, blankets, and toys that will keep your pooch as snug as a bug and entertained? Or maybe specially designed coats and harnesses to maintain your furry friend’s body heat during the most extreme weather, whilst also being the best-dressed pooch at the dog park?

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Davies is a dog food company with over 100 years of experience, Davies has a range of nutritious dog food and treats that are mouth watering and keeps your canine happy and barking for more. Hypo-allergenic dog food that’s made with fresh meat, packed with prebiotics for better digestion, and includes omega 3 & 6 for a healthy coat – what’s not to love? With a variety of chubs, chews, kibble and sticks to keep your pooch’s nutrition in tip top condition.

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Wildthings are committed to all things Wildlife. They offer a range of nutritious and tailored recipes created specifically for swans, foxes, hedgehogs and many more of our wildlife friends. Looking after our wildlife in their natural habitats is important for our eco system, so you can help by feeding our wildlife friends the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy.

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Meatiful produces high-quality, British, complete food for dogs of all ages. The Meatiful team pride themselves on supplying healthy dog food that is bursting with essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay fit. As well as being gentle on sensitive tummies, each sausage is packed with protein to help support tissue repair and growth.

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